What I Am Looking For in a Career Oppurtunity

Why I don’t want to work in a traditional aerospace engineering environment:

I really enjoy aerospace engineering from the design process and system integration perspectives. However, this is reserved for the best of the best in the field as a whole. Thus, without a PhD the “fun” stuff is mostly off limits. The reality of being a rocket scientist is much less glamorous than most would think. Most of the job is dominated by spending years of your life working on one subsystem at best. I know getting excited about designing one structural piece of a landing gear for five years may be someone’s thing, but it isn’t mine. I enjoy working on a wide variety of projects and learning about new fields.

Where I do want to work:

Anywhere that encourages taking initiative and developing new processes.  I am not really interested in a cookie cutter, repeated process type job.  I enjoy the process of researching and learning new subjects.  The opportunity to learn new software suites or be involved in multiple industries throughout my career or as a consultant excites me.  Additionally, I enjoy team dynamics, and enjoy the process of creating something together and learning from each other.  Small start up or multinational conglomerate, I feel I can be a happy productive employee, given the right opportunity.


engineering sales/communication role

I feel my unique balance of interpersonal skills and technical knowledge make me an ideal candidate for any type of interface role between those with high technical expertise and those with different skill sets.  I have experience conveying complex technical systems graphically and from a 30,000 foot view.   Additionally, the Aerospace field leverages so many other sub-disciplines I have a working knowledge of electrical engineering, materials science, and other disciplines.

data analytics/business intelligence

This is a field that excites me simply because of the limitless growth and analysis possibilities.  I have experience with working with very large data sets, as well as developing new modeling techniques when needed.  I feel as if my business knowledge and high programming literacy position me ideally for this space.  Even working for one company, data is always changing and the insights needed to do business are always changing.  Quite simply, I feel like this is an area that would give me an endless list of problems to solve and that is a good thing.

simulation and model development

While similar to the BI field mentioned above, I feel as if this is one of my strongest technical backgrounds.  I have an innate ability to logically break down systems into small parts, enabling a more manageable analysis. After all, this is a key principle in the area of preliminary aircraft design.  My strong statistics background from AE lab classes at Georgia Tech has given me the ability to analyze the messy reality of real world data sets.