Hybrid Electric Aircraft Design

Project Summary:

The CARRL, short for Clean Air Rapid Regional Link, is a hybrid electric regional airliner.  It was designed to meet the requirements of the AIAA undergraduate design competition RFP.  This problem is quite outside the box and required a customized design methodology to develop an adequate solution.  Anecdotally, I came to find out that this RFP was intended to be for the graduate level competition, but due to a clerical error it was assigned to undergraduates. Fortunately, our group of nine was a highly motivated, cohesive team, and the results speak for themselves.  Specifically, my responsibilities were the development of the design process, implementing the tools required in MATLAB, calibratring and debugging them.  I also created the graphics to explain the complex process to judges both in the AIAA paper as well as the Senior Design Symposium.

The complete design of a modern commercial airliner is a lengthy process, encompassing thousands of  engineering work hours and the time and talents of many people. Presented here is a preliminary analysis of a unique aircraft, designed to spur a shift in the paradigms of “normal” human flight. Fueling an aircraft is one of the primary costs associated with flight. What if that cost could be halved or even quartered? Presented here is the team’s attempt to quantify and validate the possibility of low-cost, hybrid-electric flight.

The Results:

  • Won 2013 Georgia Tech Senior Design Symposium – Aerospace Category
  • Submitted to the AIAA Undergraduate Design Competition for potential publishing
  • Evaluated traditional aircraft design process, identified deficiencies for the design of a hybrid aircraft
  • Developed a 14 degree of freedom design of experiments analysis to fully analyze the solution space
  • Optimized final design from over 580 trillion design points
  • Implemented, debugged, and increased the computational efficiency of  ~7,000 lines of MATLAB Code
  • Communicated the complex design process through the use of infographics to judges in a 2-minute presentations


777 kBCARRL Poster (Part 1) 626 kBCARRL Poster (Part 2) 3 MBAIAA Proposal